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Who Are We?

Bontempo Advisory Services (BAS) is a high-touch Human Capital leadership and organization advisory company.

As Private Equity deal & operations leaders or CEOs, you have spent years refining your craft to deploy financial capital and operational expertise to drive value for your businesses.


What if you could have that same deep, hard earned expertise available to you to leverage all your Human Capital assets to maximize value? A full service Human Capital partner on demand to address the strategic and tactical challenges you face.


BAS was founded in 2016 by Scott Bontempo to advise & enable Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds & select public companies to maximize value by optimizing its Human Capital. 


BAS is me, and my over 15 years of accumulated experience leading human capital in multiple PE firms and Hedge funds, enabled by a gifted team of human capital experts. I have seen hundreds of deal types, management issues, value creation plans, and talent challenges, across every industry. I speak the language of both private investors and the portfolio executive team. ​


I approach issues and challenges through an investor and stakeholder lens. Applying Fortune 50 best practices, systems, and tools to over 100 small, mid and large-cap companies have allowed me to quickly identify situations and implement targeted solutions.  I know how to craft those solutions for each company’s culture & capabilities to deliver results in the investment horizon. 


My team at BAS is focused, yet inclusive, detailed yet pragmatic, transparent yet confidential. We take pride in being tough on the problem while also being easy on the people.

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